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AFC - Previously looked-after children
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Previously Looked-After Children

Support and advice for previously looked-after children's parents, guardians and schools

Choosing a school

Choosing a school for  Year 5 pupils with EHC plans during covid-19 restrictions (Kingston and Richmond)

Secondary school selection/phase transfer

AfC have been working closely with schools to plan how Year 5 children with EHCPs and their families can be supported to select their preferred secondary school(s) at a time when normally they would be making physical visits. 

Any comments from parent/carers and children on the following would be very helpful with this planning:

1. Schools are planning to record video to describe and explain their SEND offer.  Parents, carers and children will be able to watch these, for example on the school website.  It would be very helpful if we could compile a list of questions that schools address in these films.  Please let us know of any particular questions / topics that you think should be included.  

2. AfC and schools are aiming to co-host an online transition event this term.  Normally there is a meeting called "Destination Year 7" at one of the borough's secondary schools and all secondary schools attend.  Families and children in Year 5 receive a presentation from AfC about the "process" of moving from primary school to secondary school and then have an opportunity to talk with senior representatives of any relevant school. 

What would be the best day / time in the week to hold this online meeting?  Or should there be more than one to maximise access?

It is likely that the deadlines for submitting school preferences will be moved into the autumn term, but this needs to be agreed with neighbouring boroughs and is still to be confirmed.  It may be therefore that families have an opportunity to physically visit schools in September (if they have been unable to do this before then) prior to submitting their choices.   

SEN support
If your child doesn't have an EHCP but receives SEN Support at school, please tell us what questions and concerns you have and what would be useful for children, young people and families going through this process.  

All views on this would be gratefully received. 

You can email comments to 



Choosing a school for a child or young person with additional needs

If your child already attends a school in Richmond, Kingston or RBWM, you can ask for support in choosing their next school from the designated teacher, SENCo or the  educational psychologist who visits your child’s school. The SENCo can also help you to navigate the Local Offer. However, advisors working in the SEN department of the local authority or staff at the AfC virtual school are not allowed to recommend particular schools to parents.

You can find details of local schools that offer specialist provision for SEND in Richmond or Kingston boroughs on the page below.

For schools that offer specialist provision in RBWM follow the links below

The pdf at the bottom of this page, Whole School SEND, provides families with a series of prompts so that you can ask effective questions in order to find out more about what your child's school or a school is doing to promote your child's learning and wellbeing.