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AFC - Previously looked-after children
AfC Virtual School

Previously Looked-After Children

Support and advice for previously looked-after children's parents, guardians and schools

Excellence in Education Plan (EEP)

Excellence in Education Plan

Every child and young person looked-after will have a Personal Education Plan, known as a PEP or e-PEP.  It provides them with a record of how professionals around the child, such as social workers and education professionals will support their educational needs and achievement. The child or young person looked after will also play a part in expressing their own needs and aspirations at their bi- or tri-annual PEP meetings.

Once a child becomes previously looked-after there is no statutory requirement for a PEP, but the tools provided by it may also be valuable for them, their families and professionals around the child.

Several schools have developed their own version of PEPs for previously looked after children, including Orleans Primary school’s Excellence in Education plan, developed with AfC Virtual School. This is known as an EEP and is now available to be used by all schools. You can download a copy (below) to use as a framework for discussing your child’s educational and wider needs with their school.