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AFC - Previously looked-after children
AfC Virtual School

Previously Looked-After Children

Support and advice for previously looked-after children's parents, guardians and schools

Parents and Guardians

Education is consistently among the highest priority issues for adoptive parents, according to Adoption UK in their survey (July 2019) in which 80% of adoptive parents felt that their children needed more support in school than their peers. 

AfC Virtual School has a responsibility to promote the educational achievement of previously looked-after pupils who attend schools in the boroughs of Richmond, Kingston and the RBWM. We are also a source of advice and information to aid parents of previously looked-after children in navigating the local education offer and offering support and signposting to information about admissions, exclusions, funding, transitions between schools, years groups or classes and any other matters concerning their child’s education. You will find information and resources for all of these subjects at the left hand side of this page. 

We regularly meet with other professionals within the local authority to ensure that the education of previously looked-after children is kept high on the agenda. We also provide training for designated teachers, social workers, school governors and independent reviewing officers on a range of educational issues. We are currently developing a training offer for adoptive parents.

As a virtual school, we recognise that the majority of children who are adopted have been removed from their birth families because they have experienced trauma and neglect. This is a message that we share with schools and other professional agencies across AfC through staff training and resources to ensure that everyone who works with previously looked after children is sensitive to their individual needs. 

While we do not act as corporate parent, as we do for children looked-after, we aim to provide information and advice to help you as parents and guardians to advocate for your child as effectively as possible throughout their education. 

This website is for you! If you have suggestions for resources that you would like to see or share or any other comments, please let us know. If you have a question about your child’s school or education provision, contact AfC virtual school at or on 0208 891 6037.

An information leaflet is also available as a pdf at the foot of this page. 

The Adopter Hub

AfC Virtual School also works in partnership with The Adopter Hub, a charity dedicated to providing online support, learning opportunities and information for both adopters and professionals working with adoptive families.

The Adopter Hub offers trained 'adopter peer supporters' who provide a listening ear through a one-to-one live web-chat service.

The Adopter Hub also employs specialists to inform and develop other elements of their online support offering, including resources about attachment, education and a regular programme of webinars on subjects that are directly relevant to adoptive parents. Their online adopter forum is safe and secure and only accessible to adopters.

AfC Virtual School funds free subscriptions for adoptive parents and guardians. For more information please contact